Musings on LIFE (part four)

In Sanskrit, the whole of creation is known as Prakriti which is nature. Nature is the physical presence of ‘The One’ – ‘God’. I will use the term ‘The One’ instead of ‘God’ in this blog. Nowadays, the term ‘God’ has negative associations, and sometimes it is linked to superstition or foolishness.

The Original Desire

Milky Way Space from Pixabay

I mentioned in a previous blog that ‘The One’ separated ITSELF from itself to love Itself. This is the original desire. All of creation arose from this desire to love. All of creation is Love. All of humanity is an embodiment of this love. Life is a journey back to ‘The One’. To be on this plane of existence on Earth you have Grace from ‘The One’. Only on Earth do you get the opportunity to advance to become divinity and merge with ‘The One’. The Earth is the ‘Garden of Eden’ where humanity was placed. Other beings in the Universe pray for this opportunity.

Gaining Wisdom

Life is a gift from ‘The One’. So, make good use of your life. Your life is a long journey to accrue wisdom, from your experiences in this world. The journey is a succession of lives, that maybe hundreds or thousands in number, depending on how much wisdom you gather and how aware you become.



As you gain wisdom, a time will come when you are sufficiently mature for the Kundalini to express itself. The Kundalini is the power of ‘The One’ which resides in the base of your spine. It is sometimes symbolised as a serpent of light. This is because it moves up the spine in a zigzag manner just like a snake. This power of ‘The One’ is in everyone. But, it lies dormant till ‘The One’ awakens it within you once you are ‘ripe’. The Kundalini will clear all false beliefs from your mind and eliminate the toxins in your body. Previous diseases may surface for a time to clear from the body. You will also be guided to change your diet and take on new positive habits. Eventually, your awareness will grow until you become aware of the Truth, that you are ‘The One’. This is Self-Realisation.

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