TRUST and FAITH (Part 1)

Every one of us are on a journey to Source, back to where we came from. The experiences on Earth gives you the wisdom and understanding to create a peaceful and happy journey in this life. To have a peaceful and happy life you need trust and faith in God. God is LOVE and TRUTH. It takes hundreds of lives before you reach your destination. People want peace and happiness, but they don’t believe in God. They think that the mind is all they need to depend on.

This is due to the people’s trust largely in Science at present, which has taken the reins of driving people’s minds and their beliefs. Science perceives God as a delusion, because from their point of view there is no evidence to proof the existence of God. People have lost their confidence in religion and other spiritual organisations because their leaders are corrupted by sex, money and power. To go through the travails that exist in our daily life we need the guidance from God. The guidance only exists if you have faith, trust and the belief in God.

The Truth

In this climate of scientific dominance, it has become more difficult to have a peaceful life. There appears to be a cornucopia of machines for our convenience, but this is a delusion. Instead of bringing peace of mind, it has brought addictions, dependence, loss of our power in various ways. Life has become competitive for jobs and education and the incessant desire to accumulate wealth and possessions. Stress has become prevalent, with increased depressions and other mental illness among the population.

The truth is that our so-called conveniences and scientific beliefs have distanced us from our true reality of who we are. Our true nature is LOVE and TRUTH. Instead of connecting within, people are looking outside themselves and getting caught in a spiraling loop of delusion, thinking that the truth is in the external world. They forget to ask for the guidance (of God) within themselves to navigate the trials of modern life. Without this guidance there is no peace or happiness. Only the delusion that wealth and their desires will make them happy.

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