TRUST and FAITH (Part 2)


An Eagle

What does TRUST mean? It means to have confidence, or faith in someone or something. To have trust in God, you need to experience God, otherwise it will not be true for you. How do we experience God? When you were a child you trusted your parents, you asked them for what you wanted. You knew that they loved you, and will give you what you need in your best interest. Now, if you have a belief in God, you can communicate to God through prayer. If your prayer materialises what you had prayed for, would it not give you confidence? You might literally experience God, depending on the grace you have. This will build your trust and faith in God.


There are those who have been traumatised by life experiences and have lost their faith in God. There are others who belief in Science and their scientific methods, that is, there is no evidence for God.  God is not something that can be measured or weighed. It is an experience in consciousness. The mind is powerful and if you believe that God does not exist, it will become your reality. If this is your reality then, how can you experience God? The mind will block it. We can accept those who don’t believe, for where they are at. We are not there to evangelise, and no amount of talking is going to convince them. They have made their mind up. Isn’t tolerance a spiritual virtue?


Once you have your experience you must let go of your doubts, or it will weaken your trust and faith. God is Love. As you follow this path you will experience God as Love at different levels of consciousness. It is indescribable, words cannot begin to express this experience. Yet there are those who have no experience, but are quick to put forward their idea of what Love, or Truth is. This is their limited idea of Love and Truth from their minds perspective, which is their experience. In Sanskrit, ‘Brahman’ is the absolute Truth, the ONE. From ‘Brahman’ comes Love, which manifests as all of creation. We are part of this creation; therefore, we are embodiments of Love. This is the truth of who we are.


Ravana (A Rakshasa)

In this Kaliyuga (Age of darkness), most people behave like ‘Rakshasas’ (demonic beings). They lie, cheat and hurt others, which have become innate tendencies, although their true reality is Love. They have forgotten this truth which lies deep within them. Even when they are reminded of the Truth, it only lasts for a short time, because in this age we are constantly buffeted by, negative global emotions, negative television programs, violent movies, negative people around us and our negative tendencies. We must constantly battle against them.

Goddess Sita

The experience here on Earth develops your wisdom so that you may start seeing, that you are an embodiment of Love. As you know, constant exercise builds up your muscles, so this experience strengthens your ‘spiritual muscles’. It is Love that knows, Love that sees and Love that tolerates. You are Love.

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