The Path of Detachment

The temple in Puttarparthi, India

I have been doing Phyllis Krystal’s – “Cutting the ties that bind” a version of detachment since 1991. Some years ago (2009), when I was in the temple in the presence of Swami (Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba), I was practicing Phyllis Krystal’s ‘F’igure 8’. As I was visualising the two circles and seeing the blue light going around the two circles, I realised that my visualisation had suddenly changed. Now it appeared as a ‘serpent of light’ going along the path of the infinity symbol, where I was in one loop of the infinity symbol and whatever I was detaching from, was in the other loop of the infinity symbol and it took me a moment to realise that my visualisation practice had changed. At the same time my wife Ranjana, had the very same experience at that moment in the women’s side of the temple. Later, when we told each other what happened we were very surprised at having the same experience together, as it does not happen very often.

From the ‘Figure 8’ to the ‘Infinity Symbol’ and beyond

Even though the idea seems to be similar to Phyllis Krystal’s version, it was a very different way of perceiving it. From a spiritual point of view, I was informed in my meditation by Swami, that the infinity symbol represented the whole of the universe (prakriti – nature) and that we are part of it. The whole of the universe that we perceive, is our mind. The mind is also the Ego. The mind consists of desires and attachments. We are detaching from the aspects of the mind that hinder our progress to God, like worldly desires and attachments. The ‘serpent of light’ symbolises the power of God which assists us in transforming those aspects that keep us separated from God. There is the precept that says that ‘as we think we become’. In the same way we have unconsciously created habits or patterns that now hinder us. Thoughts are extremely powerful, and as we think of the movement of the ‘serpent of light’ along the path of the infinity symbol, the energy creates a powerful force that separates whatever we are detaching from the mind. We are proactively using the ‘serpent of light’ with our thoughts to detach from those negative habits or patterns. It will usually take at least two weeks doing this exercise, to build up the energy to break free of the condition, or habit, to get the optimum results. This process is discussed in our book, “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace”.

The Infinity Exercise

The infinity symbol

Everything is energy, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. We can use the ‘infinity exercise’ as a tool to help protect us in various ways and not only for detachment. This ‘infinity exercise’ can also be used to protect yourself from negative energies, for instance when someone is aggressive or using hurtful words, or even when they are unaware of projecting negative thoughts at you. Keep visualising it until you can feel the negative energy drop.

For instance, if you are on the phone with someone and you feel the negative reaction from them, do the ‘infinity exercise’ until you feel the negative energy transform, whether it is from you who are being triggered, or if it is from the other person. In these difficult times we have a good opportunity to practice the ‘infinity exercise’ and see ourselves in one loop of the ‘infinity symbol’ and the ‘corona virus’ in the other loop of the infinity symbol and visualise the ‘infinity exercise’. This will help reduce your fears about the virus.

The Infinity Exercise for Detachment

To do the infinity exercise for the detachment process, first connect to the Higher Self to see what you need to detach from and then see that person, object or symbol that you were given in one loop of the infinity symbol and yourself in the other loop and see the ‘serpent of light’ going around the path of the infinity symbol for at least a few minutes.

The book, “Detachment – The Secret to Infinite Peace” will guide you through the Complete Detachment Process. This book outlines the importance of detachment and why detachment is so necessary in creating and integrating Peace in your life. If you would like more information you can get the KINDLE version of this book.

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