What is Anger?

Anger is born of desire. When you have a desire and it is unfulfilled, you may get angry or frustrated. Desire arises from thoughts. Therefore, thoughts alone are responsible for both anger and desire. It destroys our good human qualities.

It suppresses the divine spark that is inside you, leaving only the demonic nature within. This fire of desire has no long-term aim; it will not be appeased once some goal is reached; on the contrary, it can never be satisfied. It has a voracious appetite that is endless like fire. Whatever fuel you give to fire, whether it is wood, oil, or anything else, it will never have enough.

Many Years Ago…

Many years ago, we had a neighbour who parked in front of our main door. Sometimes, I could not take a long piece of item out of the front door, as their car would be in the way. It got very frustrating. No matter how many times I told our neighbour not to park in front of my door, they would ignore me. Eventually, I decided not to let it upset me. I took it in my stride and the very next day they stopped parking in front of my door. Basically, if you accept people where they are at, and love them, then the Universe will respond.

Anger is not always bad. Many years ago, when we came to St Leonards on sea looking to buy a place. We saw over 200 properties. At one of these properties, there was a man with his dog unleashed. As we entered the area the dog crept up to Ranjana barking and growling. Ranjana was getting afraid. The man made no moves to stop his dog. I had no choice but to shout at the dog. It stopped barking immediately, shivered and peed itself. The man said that the dog would not have harmed us.  I asked him, “How are we to know that?”. I was not angry at the dog, but his master, who had the dog unleashed and made no attempt to control his dog. My anger averted any danger to Ranjana.

My spiritual master, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba suggests, that we have a cool drink of water and go to a quiet place whenever we feel angry.


The fire of desire and anger has no contentment at all.

The Lord declared in the Gita, “You can conquer anger through love, and you can conquer desire through renunciation and sacrifice.”

If you develop your love, then there will be no room left in your heart for hatred and anger to take root.

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