The Rise of Fear


This last year (2020) we have been inundated with fear regarding the Covid virus. The Covid virus is part of Nature. Nature is the manifestation of God. Can anything bad happen with the omniscience of God. Everything that happens is meant as it should. Everything in this Universe is constantly changing and is temporary. When egotistical man tries to impose his will on Nature, there are consequences. Why did the Covid virus manifest?  There are claims that it is an experiment that went wrong. There are those who claim that it was deliberately engineered as a bio-weapon and others who say it is natural. What if it is natural and the virus mutated enough, so that people don’t have an immunity towards it? That is a more likely answer, but is it a coincidence?

There are no coincidences, everything is meant to happen as it should. The laws of Nature come into play to rectify an imbalance. This could be part of evolution as we understand it. We have to accept that there is an intelligence that guides and guards all of creation. This intelligence is Love. God is love and no fear comes from him. The fear arises because people are bombarded with continuous propaganda advocating danger and promoting fear. The population is being made fearful, increasing the negative energy globally.


Unfortunately, there are those that consider themselves beyond the pale and think that they know better and should control the virus. They engineer vaccines against the virus, which they consider is a threat against humanity. Science has become the ‘new religion’ with millions of devotees. Do you see a parallel here? We are going back to the situation in the middle-ages, when once again people are programmed to believe in the supremacy of science this time. Those who don’t believe will be brow beaten by others with the support of the state. You will lose your natural rights and be hounded. There is a cycle of repetition with new ideas but the same old fear and torture. This time you will not be tortured, drowned or crucified, instead you will be made bankrupt, starve, jailed and be homeless.

We are already seeing it now. The agenda of the powerful who could influence corporations, states and other large organisations is happening now. The WHO is being funded by powerful people who have their agenda in the forefront, whether it is sterilisation of people in third world countries (because they believe they are the saviours of mankind), or vaccine production to increase their coffers.

The danger

There are an infinite number of reasons why the virus mutated and man in his arrogance thinks he can rectify them. The scientists don’t even understand the complications of this virus and want to create a vaccine that is beyond their understanding. There are scientists in many countries trying to be the first to get a working vaccine and their main agenda is money. There is the danger that in their haste, they will create something far worse and then humanity will be in trouble.

You know that everything that is done now is wrong, when you see fear projected onto humanity instead of love. Where is the compassion and the love for one another? Perhaps a mega disaster has to happen before it will open the eyes of man. This probably  signals the end of the era of false science and the rise of spirituality.

Blessings, Eddie

Eddie Appoo is a spiritual teacher and author dedicated to guiding others on their journey of Self-Realisation. He embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration from a young age and had his first glimpse of Self-Realisation in the early 1980s. In 1992, Eddie experienced himself as Atma (One with God) guided by his spiritual master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Alongside his wife, he co-created LiberatingTouch®, a spiritual development system. Eddie’s teachings and writings, including “Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace,” reflect his dedication to sharing joy and facilitating spiritual progression.

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