Destruction and Self-Responsibility

Today, I want to talk about the global anger and rage plaguing this planet. This is the result of the consequences for the corrupt and evil actions taken by the majority of the inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Nature has provided all the boons for mankind, air, water food etcetera to have a joyful life. In return humanity in its greed for profits have plundered the earth with their destructive practices. Mining the earth for metal, boring it for fuels and clearing vast amounts of forests for profits. All these actions have consequences, but the greed is so great, that humanity have been blinded by it. Mining the earth and boring into it, destabilises the earth which in its mercy to balance, creates earthquakes due to the shifting of the materials. The forests provide the oxygen for all living beings and as vast tracts are cleared; the air is affected. Men’s greed knows no bounds. There is a total lack of awareness.


There are also those that eat animals. Even though some have decided to become vegans and stop eating animals, the majority are addicted to meat. Meat has the quality of anger. High consumption of these animals has increased the number of people suffering from obesity and other diseases. Fish has the quality of selfishness. In their pursuit of fish, large quantities of these animal are harvested. There is a decline of these animals in the oceans. The oceans are dependent on these animals to fertilise and regenerate the oceans. Scientists estimate that 50-80% of the oxygen production on Earth comes from the ocean and so there is a drop in this life giving force. The process of mining metals and fossil fuels, pollutes the air. Unfortunately, the majority of humanity have no awareness of the consequences of their actions. They are slowly poisoning the Earth and themselves in the process.


Fortunately, Nature is love and will save humanity from its own folly, but humanity will have to taste its bitter medicine first and learn the values of Truth, Love, Peace, Self-Responsibility and harmlessness. In the physical manifestation you can observe the actions from the Earth in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes erupting and climate change. There are also consequences that are invisible to the vast majority of humanity. These are the energetic links that are connected to the negative and destructive actions of every human being. You will notice people saying that life is unfair, and that they shouldn’t be going through whatever problems they are going through. There is no coincidence in life, everything is meant to happen as it should. Things happen because of the consequences of their actions whether it is positive or negative. People are given the opportunity to help others. It is a question of choice.

In Sanskrit it is called Samskara, they are the mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints which are latent in the mind. The mind does not die but hold these latent impressions from all the lives you have lived previously. These impressions mould your future life, as you are born, die and reborn continuously until you achieve full consciousness, and the mind dies. The samskaras are the invisible energetic links that are connected to the mind and sow the seeds of your actions that will affect your next life.

Samskaras – Impressions

Samskaras form the pattern of evolution for all beings, humans, animals, the vegetable kingdom, minerals and also countries. So, countries also evolve according to their samskara. At the moment Ukraine and Russia are at war. Even here, humanity is given the opportunity to help. Whatever action you do here, sows the seeds for your next life and also the seeds for the evolution of the country.


You can tell the difference between good and bad. When someone tries to take what is yours, it says that the person is a bully and a thief. So, what is your choice? Do you ignore it? Would you help them defend themselves? Or, would you stay neutral? The choice is obvious. You would stand up against any bully. You never know, because you could be next. Similarly, Putin is the bully taking land that belongs to another forcefully. What he is doing has now become a crime, as he is attacking and bombing innocent civilians that are taking refuge from the war. This is a person with a big ego who wants to win at any costs. It is said that “pride comes before a fall”.

There are millions of people that are now seeking refuge. It is up to us to help them. Support is gathering against Putin and his war. There are countries that are staying neutral, or not supporting the sanctions against Russia, because they are afraid or dependent on Russian fuel or arms. They are not concerned about Ukraine being destroyed, but their own selfish reasons to obtain oil and arms from Russia. The sanctions will force Russia to stop this war, as they are the aggressors. Sanctions against Russia is a less destructive way to stop this war, but it needs to be a concerted effort by everyone, for it to work.


We still have the power to change the tide of destruction, pollution, greed and war. It is up to each individual to find the love and compassion within them for peace. When an individual takes loving responsibility, it inspires the community, and spreads globally.

Prayers for Peace – 31st of March 2022

In the month the month of March, Ranjana and I initiated a series of online prayer sessions for global peace with the guidance from our Beloved spiritual master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The final session is on the 31st of March at UK time 7.30am.

You can more details about the event at:

We invite you to join us. We appreciate that this is not going to be a convenient time for many of you, some of you will be getting ready for work, or getting the children to school (if you live in the UK or Europe), sitting down for lunch (if you are in India) or having your evening meal (if you live in Australia) or getting ready for bed (if you are in New Zealand)…. You are welcome to dip in for a few minutes or join with your video and microphone off. It would be wonderful if you can join us in this endeavour of creating ripples of peace through all time and space.

Join us in praying for healing and unity among the nations of the world. Praying for people to be given the courage to stand against aggression and support each other. We are at a critical juncture again, facing the threat of nuclear disaster and extreme planetary pollution. We believe that love and intention can turn this tide.

You will be able to follow along as we will have the words on the screen for you. The Zoom link is:

Love and Blessings, Eddie

ps. You may want to access the recordings of the last few sessions, they are available at:

pps. We may lead another month of prayers in June 🙂 Watch this space.

ppps. We also share more resources on our What WE CAN blog:

Eddie Appoo is a spiritual teacher and author dedicated to guiding others on their journey of Self-Realisation. He embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration from a young age and had his first glimpse of Self-Realisation in the early 1980s. In 1992, Eddie experienced himself as Atma (One with God) guided by his spiritual master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Alongside his wife, he co-created LiberatingTouch®, a spiritual development system. Eddie’s teachings and writings, including “Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace,” reflect his dedication to sharing joy and facilitating spiritual progression.

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