Going beyond the mind


God is love and Nature is the physical manifestation of God. When you speak to God within you, Nature will respond to you physically. You have to have faith and Trust to believe in that communication. People are also part of Nature. You can start your communication with God via Nature. When people cut trees and mine the earth, they are destroying Nature because of their desires. It shows that they are not awake, or aware of the divinity of Nature. It also shows that their minds are closed to God and the love in their heart. They are happy wallowing in their mind full of desires and attachments, like pigs in mud. They are not aware that the mind is the tool that can take them to God, or be a barrier to God.


The majority of these people are blind to the Truth. The absolute Truth, which is Consciousness is God. God is “THAT”. They are consumed by the senses and are caught in the pain and pleasure of their mind, completely unaware of the BLISS they could enjoy knowing GOD and communing with Nature. This is no accident as they have chosen to remain ignorant of the Truth. They have a long way to go and many lives to live before they have sufficiently purified their samskara (the sum total of all their experiences)and vasanas (tendencies) to gain wisdom. Meanwhile, they live lives of ignorance, affected by the vicissitudes of life.


You can see this truth by the number of attachments and desires people have accumulated. They get stressed, or upset because they haven’t attained their material attachments or fulfilled their expectations. Desires and attachments are the two main life choices that hinder your vision of God. Consider your attachment to a belief system. You have invested in this belief system. What if your belief is wrong? How do you know your belief is right or wrong? Are you willing to give it up? Are you willing to stop investing in it? What if I told you, you are not your physical body? What if I told you that this whole world is an illusion in your mind? 

You have to go beyond the mind. This plane of existence is only in the mind. It is a school to learn and know the TRUTH. The film “Matrix” provides a useful analogy for this existence. If you have an out-of-body experience (OBE) it will reveal a glimpse of the truth to you. It is not for us to convince you. You have to have your own experience.


This universe has been created by God so that all beings can enjoy it, not destroy it. It is a place of wonder and joy. Enjoy the juice of life and spit out the bagasse. Life is sweet, enjoy it. When you have enjoyed all the sweetness in life, you can be detached, as there is nothing more you want from life. Then you can go beyond the mind and experience the Bliss of God. You have reached HOME.

Love and Blessings, Eddie

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Eddie Appoo is a spiritual teacher and author dedicated to guiding others on their journey of Self-Realisation. He embarked on a journey of spiritual exploration from a young age and had his first glimpse of Self-Realisation in the early 1980s. In 1992, Eddie experienced himself as Atma (One with God) guided by his spiritual master Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Alongside his wife, he co-created LiberatingTouch®, a spiritual development system. Eddie’s teachings and writings, including “Detachment: The Secret to Infinite Peace,” reflect his dedication to sharing joy and facilitating spiritual progression.

*LiberatingTouch® (LT) IS: Yoga (Truth), Conscious living (Self-Responsibility), Meditation (Peace), Healing (Love).

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