What is Spirituality? (Part 2)


An Elephant

In this Kaliyuga (dark age) words are misused. Words are sacred, whether they are used as positive affirmations or mantras, like ‘Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha’ (calling on God in the form of the elephant to clear all obstacles). However, words have been become abused and inappropriately applied. Words like ‘bad’ and ‘wicked’ have different meanings now. At one time they referred to people who behaved irresponsibly, in a negative and destructive way. In the bible it states… “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Chronicles-2 7:14.

The word ‘wicked’ referred to negative people as shown in the bible and other historical literary documents. In modern times the words ‘bad’ and ‘wicked’ have different connotations . Now these words appear to laud the behavior and actions of people who consider themselves ‘bad’ and ‘wicked’ and who have made themselves into role models to be followed by the weak minded. What are we saying? That it’s good to follow the bad and the wicked!!! It simply shows that we have a generation of youth who are lost and confused. They are following popularised ideas by blind and confused role models in music, fashion and the film industry. Some of these celebrities have gone as far as to have very little clothes on, in order to become popular to their fans. Others have copied these trends to see how little they can hide. It has become fashionable now to become more body conscious. Celebrities take to carefully exposing certain parts of their body to encourage voyeuristic behavior, as they pout and strut their stuff, wanting to be noticed and not necessarily for their intelligence. Spirituality has taken a backseat as the desires of the masses are manipulated by these behaviors, that tease the maggots of negative tendencies to rise up out of their subconscious, as lustful desires and attachments garnering strength. These neo-gurus have different ideas about spirituality, even if that exists for them at all. They don’t point to the spiritual path to God, they pave the way, spiraling down to despair.

Laws of Nature


All of Nature is God. The Laws of Nature are God’s Law. If you go against Nature, you go against God. This is as clear as crystal and there is no confusion. When you rape and plunder the Earth, what do you think you are doing? When you torture and kill animals or people, what do you think you are doing? It is your anger, greed, desires and attachments expressing themselves. A time will come, when you have to desist from such actions or pay the consequences. Unfortunately, these days it is not individual men or women, but corporations, large conglomerates or even whole countries responsible for this rapacious mindset, believing that they are the only one of importance, careful of their own self-interest and investment.

It is easy to say, “I am God”, but you have to believe it for it to be true for you, otherwise it is just hollow words. The proof of this is in the way you behave, acknowledging that God is in everyone so you do not lie, cheat, or manipulate anyone. You won’t be attached to anything worldly, whether it is your business, your home, or your pet. You will realise that everything in this world is temporary, only God is permanent. God resides within each of us in the subtle heart chakra in the centre of your chest. There is a lot of confusion about this. Some people believe that God resides in the physical heart. When you speak from the heart, you speak with the guidance from God and not from the mind. If you believe God is within you and watching you, can you pretend to be nice to someone when you actually hate them? You experience Gods’ love, when you are true to yourself and you will feel that love as a warmth within you. When you love someone unconditionally, that love is reflected back to you as a warmth within you.

What is Spirituality? (Part 1)

In modern times, some people consider spirituality as disciplines that may include prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, ceremonies and/or rituals.  Spirituality is much more than this. These disciplines help your spiritual life. Furthermore, a lot of people practice these disciplines without focussing on the ONE. They think that just by doing these disciplines, it will make them spiritual. Spirituality is a way of life. The most important message of spirituality is love, because that is who you truly are. You are Love and Truth. The disciplines foster love in your life, so that you may practice love with more intensity, as part of your life.

Some people consider themselves atheist. They believe that they can be spiritual without GOD. These unfortunate people do not realise that they are part of the ONE and so they are GOD. People are confused by the plethora of ideas from different gurus or spiritual teachers, advocating their own beliefs about spirituality. Their followers, or disciples are led astray from true spirituality. There are others who have made spirituality into a business, focussed on profit. Clearly, in this age of the Kaliyuga (dark age) there are elements who spread confusion to others because they themselves are confused. There are the celebrities and other neo-gurus who tout their beliefs, fashions, food, health and beauty products to their followers. They influence a lot of people in the worldly ways, taking them further away from God.

Remember You are God

Spirituality means training the mind to remember that you are God. When you pray, meditate, or serve others, your focus should be on God. As I have said in other blogs, all that exists is energy. The whole Universe came into being from the love of the ONE, that is God. Spirituality means practising the presence of God in everything you do. Our consciousness has sunk to the level of the desires and attachments in the mind. We cannot perceive the greater reality, we have become blind to it. The blind now leads the blind, advocating body consciousness in its myriad forms. Everything that we see with our physical eyes is in the mind. In a way you can say it is a delusion, as it is relative to our consciousness. Even those who are connected strongly to God, could have this connection broken temporarily because the delusion of the world can prove stronger. You can see this in the bible.

Jesus crucified
Statue of Jesus crucified at the second church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, Portugal

In Mark 15:34
At the ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Even Jesus experienced this disconnection when he was on the cross, because he was affected by those who mocked him, his disciples deserted him and he felt that even God deserted him. The mind is extremely powerful.

What stands between Self and non-self (Atma and Anatma ), worldly and spiritual, good and bad, and merit and sin is the human mind. It is like a wall in the mansion of life, which causes division in unity. One can experience unity when one removes this obstacle of the mind. The One willed to become many (Ekoham bahusyam ). Only one manifested into many. People see diversity in unity due to the mental delusion caused by their ego and attachment.

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 26 (1993)

Seeing God in Everyone

We have to constantly think of God, in all the things we do. Spirituality is about seeing God in everyone. When you see God in everyone, you will not be unkind or cruel to anyone in thoughts, words, or deeds. If you truly belief and have faith that you are God, you will not be interested in the worldly ways or have any attachment to it. You will be undisturbed and have complete peace.

Where there is FAITH, there is LOVE; Where there is LOVE; there is PEACE; Where there is PEACE; there is GOD; Where there is GOD; there is BLISS.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Dead Tree

Most people fear death and many of their decisions are tainted by this fear. What is death? We are told that Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions. In other words, we are told that we are the body, a popular belief. The Truth is, we are not the body. The body is a vessel that contains the Soul/ Atma that enables us to experience life on Earth to gain wisdom, to attain the highest level of consciousness (i.e. God Consciousness). The death, is the death of the body/vessel that like all things on this Earth, degrades over time, as the body is temporary. You cannot die. What is this ‘You’? You are the Soul or the Atma which cannot die. You reside in the body until the time comes for the body to die. You are then reincarnated in another body till you gain wisdom and achieve Moksha (freedom from the cycle of birth and death).

The Truth

That being the case, why are people so afraid of death? The first is the belief, that they are the body. So that with death they will cease to exist. The second is the fear of pain, which people believe will accompany the death experience. The other reason is attachment and desire (fearing separation from their loved ones and property). All these reasons are due to belief systems that reside within the mind. These beliefs exist because of ignorance. The Truth is found beyond the mind. As long as one has the belief that you are the body, or mind, you will suffer. The consequence of this ignorance are fear and confusion. The Truth is, you are part of God. The whole of the foundation of life is based on God.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“The Lord is the unseen foundation on which your life is built. He is the source, sustenance and strength. Without His will, no leaf can turn, no blade of grass can quiver. What firmer foundation can you desire than this? Once you know that the Lord, the Omnipotent Power, is the mainspring of your life, there will be no fear any more. When you suspect the strength of the foundation of a house, you are afraid to enter it; when you suspect the skill of the manufacturer, you are nervous to ride in the car. Bhishma and other Bhakthas (devotees) as well as Sankara (Adi Sankara) and other Jnanis (sages), knew that the Lord is the Aadhaara (foundation), and so they had no fear at all. But that faith has not taken root in man today and so, this has become an age of Fear and Anxiety, of Ashanti (no peace).”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  Sanatana Sarathi magazine  May 1995

TRUST and FAITH (Part 2)


An Eagle

What does TRUST mean? It means to have confidence, or faith in someone or something. To have trust in God, you need to experience God, otherwise it will not be true for you. How do we experience God? When you were a child you trusted your parents, you asked them for what you wanted. You knew that they loved you, and will give you what you need in your best interest. Now, if you have a belief in God, you can communicate to God through prayer. If your prayer materialises what you had prayed for, would it not give you confidence? You might literally experience God, depending on the grace you have. This will build your trust and faith in God.


There are those who have been traumatised by life experiences and have lost their faith in God. There are others who belief in Science and their scientific methods, that is, there is no evidence for God.  God is not something that can be measured or weighed. It is an experience in consciousness. The mind is powerful and if you believe that God does not exist, it will become your reality. If this is your reality then, how can you experience God? The mind will block it. We can accept those who don’t believe, for where they are at. We are not there to evangelise, and no amount of talking is going to convince them. They have made their mind up. Isn’t tolerance a spiritual virtue?


Once you have your experience you must let go of your doubts, or it will weaken your trust and faith. God is Love. As you follow this path you will experience God as Love at different levels of consciousness. It is indescribable, words cannot begin to express this experience. Yet there are those who have no experience, but are quick to put forward their idea of what Love, or Truth is. This is their limited idea of Love and Truth from their minds perspective, which is their experience. In Sanskrit, ‘Brahman’ is the absolute Truth, the ONE. From ‘Brahman’ comes Love, which manifests as all of creation. We are part of this creation; therefore, we are embodiments of Love. This is the truth of who we are.


Ravana (A Rakshasa)

In this Kaliyuga (Age of darkness), most people behave like ‘Rakshasas’ (demonic beings). They lie, cheat and hurt others, which have become innate tendencies, although their true reality is Love. They have forgotten this truth which lies deep within them. Even when they are reminded of the Truth, it only lasts for a short time, because in this age we are constantly buffeted by, negative global emotions, negative television programs, violent movies, negative people around us and our negative tendencies. We must constantly battle against them.

Goddess Sita

The experience here on Earth develops your wisdom so that you may start seeing, that you are an embodiment of Love. As you know, constant exercise builds up your muscles, so this experience strengthens your ‘spiritual muscles’. It is Love that knows, Love that sees and Love that tolerates. You are Love.

TRUST and FAITH (Part 1)

Every one of us are on a journey to Source, back to where we came from. The experiences on Earth gives you the wisdom and understanding to create a peaceful and happy journey in this life. To have a peaceful and happy life you need trust and faith in God. God is LOVE and TRUTH. It takes hundreds of lives before you reach your destination. People want peace and happiness, but they don’t believe in God. They think that the mind is all they need to depend on.

This is due to the people’s trust largely in Science at present, which has taken the reins of driving people’s minds and their beliefs. Science perceives God as a delusion, because from their point of view there is no evidence to proof the existence of God. People have lost their confidence in religion and other spiritual organisations because their leaders are corrupted by sex, money and power. To go through the travails that exist in our daily life we need the guidance from God. The guidance only exists if you have faith, trust and the belief in God.

The Truth

In this climate of scientific dominance, it has become more difficult to have a peaceful life. There appears to be a cornucopia of machines for our convenience, but this is a delusion. Instead of bringing peace of mind, it has brought addictions, dependence, loss of our power in various ways. Life has become competitive for jobs and education and the incessant desire to accumulate wealth and possessions. Stress has become prevalent, with increased depressions and other mental illness among the population.

The truth is that our so-called conveniences and scientific beliefs have distanced us from our true reality of who we are. Our true nature is LOVE and TRUTH. Instead of connecting within, people are looking outside themselves and getting caught in a spiraling loop of delusion, thinking that the truth is in the external world. They forget to ask for the guidance (of God) within themselves to navigate the trials of modern life. Without this guidance there is no peace or happiness. Only the delusion that wealth and their desires will make them happy.

Musings on LIFE (part four)

In Sanskrit, the whole of creation is known as Prakriti which is nature. Nature is the physical presence of ‘The One’ – ‘God’. I will use the term ‘The One’ instead of ‘God’ in this blog. Nowadays, the term ‘God’ has negative associations, and sometimes it is linked to superstition or foolishness.

The Original Desire

Milky Way Space from Pixabay

I mentioned in a previous blog that ‘The One’ separated ITSELF from itself to love Itself. This is the original desire. All of creation arose from this desire to love. All of creation is Love. All of humanity is an embodiment of this love. Life is a journey back to ‘The One’. To be on this plane of existence on Earth you have Grace from ‘The One’. Only on Earth do you get the opportunity to advance to become divinity and merge with ‘The One’. The Earth is the ‘Garden of Eden’ where humanity was placed. Other beings in the Universe pray for this opportunity.

Gaining Wisdom

Life is a gift from ‘The One’. So, make good use of your life. Your life is a long journey to accrue wisdom, from your experiences in this world. The journey is a succession of lives, that maybe hundreds or thousands in number, depending on how much wisdom you gather and how aware you become.



As you gain wisdom, a time will come when you are sufficiently mature for the Kundalini to express itself. The Kundalini is the power of ‘The One’ which resides in the base of your spine. It is sometimes symbolised as a serpent of light. This is because it moves up the spine in a zigzag manner just like a snake. This power of ‘The One’ is in everyone. But, it lies dormant till ‘The One’ awakens it within you once you are ‘ripe’. The Kundalini will clear all false beliefs from your mind and eliminate the toxins in your body. Previous diseases may surface for a time to clear from the body. You will also be guided to change your diet and take on new positive habits. Eventually, your awareness will grow until you become aware of the Truth, that you are ‘The One’. This is Self-Realisation.

Musings on LIFE (part three)

Lately, there has been a furore in the media about the fires in the Amazon. The media states that the Amazon covers 2.1 million square miles and produces 20% of the global oxygen, it is referred to as the “lungs of the planet”, and it is being destroyed. The media points the blame at the South American countries, forgetting, that in the west most of our forests were destroyed centuries ago and we are relying on oxygen produced by forests in other countries. Fortunately, there are no boundaries on the globe to physically limit oxygen within the producing area. It would be a shock if other countries charged us for using their oxygen, since we destroyed most of our forests in pursuit of industrialisation in the West. Now these countries are doing exactly the same thing we did, in pursuit of their own expansion. In fact, we are accomplices in the destruction of their forests.

Forest fire Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Cost of Desire

The desire for meat and other ‘profitable’ products, especially from the West, is one of the main reasons why countries are willing to destroy their own forests. There is a huge market for products that voracious consumers in the West desire. Greenpeace suggests that we could replace some of the meat and dairy in our food with plant-based alternatives. A more sustainable approach to farming, means we can produce enough food for everyone, improve our health, and look after our planet as well. They also state that the UK imports huge quantities of soya. Globally, some 90% of soya is used to feed animals, including cows, pigs and chickens. 1

Can We Change our Behaviour?

The South American countries are doing what we have done before, so instead of asking them to stop burning their forests, isn’t it better to stop giving them a reason for doing it. We could change our behaviour and stop using those products, become vegetarians, or if that is too difficult, eat less meat. Some of our children in the West do not even know where meat comes from. In their ignorance they believe it appears in supermarkets in packets. They don’t realise that animals are killed for it. It is also cruel to animals to slaughter them in order to consume them. Most of the Western, or advanced countries have a duty to make a positive impact in this world by shunning cruelty to animals. In 2018, the G7 countries represent 58% of the global net wealth and worth over $300 trillion and yet they offered a paltry $20 million to combat fires in the amazon 2 . Their greed and ego stop them from being a positive force in the face of this opportunity.

We have pets but we don’t consider killing them for food.  It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, today people have gone overboard with their attention to their pets. Some dogs are fed very expensive food, while millions are starving in other countries. Some of these pets are even clothed. Pets have become like the owner’s child, especially in the way that they are cosseted. This is true in the West and to some extent in
westernised cities in the East . In the East, a dog is considered unclean and never let into the house. Their duty is to guard the home. They are definitely not allowed on the bed and neither is it considered normal, to let them sleep with you in bed.

Maybe, it is time to become aware that everything we desire has consequences and that there is a cost… like the Amazon fires.

Image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay 

1 https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/challenges/soya/

2 http://amazonwatch.org/news/2019/0830-why-its-been-so-lucrative-to-destroy-the-amazon-rainforest

Musings on LIFE (part two)

There is only one. Many years ago, my Teacher Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave me an experience of Self-Realisation. I realised I am Atma (Self/Soul) and part of Paramatma. There is no ‘seven billion atmas’, there is only one. It is a paradox. It is the mind that creates the seven billion. The analogy of the hologram explains the paradox. The bit in a hologram contains the whole. You can take away any number of bits from the whole, it remains always whole. The reason we think the way we do is because in the physical world, physical matter becomes less if something is taken away from it. A drop taken away from the ocean becomes a drop less. This is not true in consciousness.

We are One

We are all one, my Teacher says,
“…See in Me yourself, for I see Myself in you all. You are My life, My breath My soul. You are My forms, all. When I love you I love Myself; when you love yourselves, you love Me. I have separated Myself from Myself so that I may love Myself. My beloved ones, you are MY own self.” Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Wisdom of the Upanishads

The Upanishads which are part of the Vedas (are primary texts of ancient Hinduism) where a divine mantra states in Sanskrit:

“Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate Puurnnashya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.”

It means, THAT is full/complete, and THIS is full/complete. From THAT comes THIS and if THIS is removed from THAT.  THAT remains full/complete or, ever full”. The meaning of this mantra explains the holographic nature of reality. THAT (Brahman/TRUTH) is the one consciousness and THIS (LOVE) is creation. Creation (LOVE) comes from (Brahman/TRUTH). The absolute Truth is within oneself. The world outside is a relative truth. However, most people look outside themselves and identify it as real. Therefore, they seek their happiness from the objects in the world. When their desires are not fulfilled, they become unhappy. True happiness is their connection to God (Love & Truth) within them. As long as they look outside for happiness, it won’t be fulfilled.

The Search for Happiness

Soaring Eagle Seeking

You can observe this behaviour in people looking for happiness in the world, thinking that the external objects in the world will fulfill their desires and give them happiness. Unfortunately, instead of happiness people suffer because their desires are unfulfilled. People follow the wrong role models, who are themselves confused and create negative behaviour. This confused behaviour is adopted by people who consider themselves followers. An example would be Michael Jackson singing the song called ‘Bad’. He was traumatised, confused, and angry with the world. The lyrics go on to say, “I’m bad”, exhorting his followers, mostly young impressionable youths to think that, “I am bad” is a good thing. This idea compromises personal values, sowing seeds of confusion and dissension.

However, he is not the only one. There are other so-called celebrities in industries like clothing and retail. Where once people took pride in the clothes they wore, now they go about in torn jeans to look fashionable. How ridiculous can you get? Some have gone to extremes, where their pant legs are supported by a few threads, looking disintegrated. They look like paupers who can’t afford new clothes but, they pay an exorbitant price for these torn clothes. Followers of fashion, also wear clothes that cover strategic parts of their anatomies, like a peep show. They have become body conscious, parading their bodies to seek attention.

It is like the story of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. Where the king was looking for clothes which no one had, to be special. A couple of scammers persuaded the king that the clothes they supplied were so fine, that it was almost invisible. They persuaded the king to wear these invisible clothes in public. The king paraded in public to show his beautiful clothes to his subjects. The king was made aware that he was actually naked, by a young child who shouted out the truth. The child was not inhibited or conditioned like the adults, who were afraid to voice their opinions.

Until people stop identifying with the objective world, they will keep suffering. When they realise that they are not the body, or their title, or occupation and become AWARE, that they are ‘Love and Truth’, their suffering will stop.

Musings on LIFE (part one)

When you ask yourself the question, WHO AM I?

When you ask yourself the question, WHO AM I? Do you identify yourself with the Body, your Job, your Race, or your Religion? If you do, you support divisiveness. If you see differences, then you create divisions, which are the harbingers of war. Most people would find the answer, “YOU ARE GOD” very difficult. Most people whether they are Christians, Muslims, or Jews, all over the world would find this concept difficult to accept and they would even consider it blasphemous. Even though Jesus announced that he was “one with the Father” from his own experience. It did not seem to apparent to most Christians, that if it was true for him, it is also true for them. Perhaps, it did occur to them, but no one dared to claim that they are God. History has shown that the so-called leaders want to keep their power and authority. They get very cross with those who defy them, as Jesus can prove when he was put on the cross, literally. You can only know this Truth from your own experience. The Truth is, you are God, as Jesus attested. This is also known as Self-Realisation. So, when people say that they are Self-Realised, do they understand that they are saying that they are GOD?

The Tree is ONE, it has many branches and leaves, they are not separate from the ONE Tree

Unity and Peace

Even in these more enlightened days, if you defy those in authority, you can still be crucified financially and socially, and suffer. Whether it is religion, or science, you will be going against their belief systems, or should I say, rattling their cages. Their belief systems are the cages they built. They have invested a lot of energy keeping their belief systems intact. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all recognise Abraham as their first prophet. All of these religions come from the same source. They all agree that God is nameless and formless and give it different names Yahweh, Allah and Almighty God. Even then, they quarrel amongst themselves, stating that theirs is the True God. How can this be, if it is the same Source? It is the leaders who interpret it differently and foist it onto their followers, which creates differences. There is a growing trend for fundamentalism, creating dissensions and divisions within their own religion. The problem is, so long as we see differences among us, there cannot be peace. We have to look for similarities and create unity, for peace to reign in the world.

Nature Matters

Wet bird

I got up this morning with the bird songs, the rays of the sun on my face and felt a joy within me. I remember my spiritual teacher (Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai) saying that Nature is the physical manifestation of God. He also said that Nature is your teacher. The joy you experience within you is the connection to God that is Nature. God is Love and Truth.

Nature’s Love

The Sanskrit word Prakriti means Nature, which is the whole expanding Universe. My first experience of communing with Nature happened nearly thirty years ago. It was at lunch break during a spiritual course I was attending at Tekel’s park in Camberley,Surrey. I leaned against one of the redwood trees and meditated and was surprised to feel myself being hugged by a masculine energy with love. It felt good and my perception of Nature changed, and I saw it from a different perspective. Previously, Nature was part of the background for me and now it was something, I could commune with and feel the love of God. The indwelling divinity within that Tree and all of Nature.

Redwood Tree in Newforest National Park

The Word ‘God’

The word ‘God’ has such bad press now, that people are even ashamed of using it. Scientists believe that a rigorous scientific method will ensure the reliability of their hypothesis from accumulated data and experiments. Science perceives religion and faith as a threat to the scientific method, which they feel should be resisted. So, the word God is being seen more and more as mere superstition or foolishness.

There are differences of opinions among the scientific community. A scientific genius, Albert Einstein, stated in 1954, “I cannot prove to you that there is no personal God, but if I were to speak of him, I would be a liar.… My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking but by immutable laws” (Hermanns, William (1983) P 132). However, on the other hand you have Richard Dawkins, who wrote the bestseller, ‘The God Delusion’ in which he contends, “that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that belief in a personal god qualifies as a delusion”. Here you can see how a great genius like Albert Einstein had an open mind and saw God in the ‘harmony of the cosmos’, while the egotistical Richard Dawkins emphatically states that ‘God is a delusion’.

When the time is right and you have an open mind, you don’t have to be a scientific genius to know the TRUTH that God exists. That will be shown to you when you are ready.