The Open Heart will Recognise God

An open heart

About the middle of April, as I went up to bed to sleep. I was sitting on the bed and I communed with the Higher Self. A random question arose in my mind as to why God is not recognised when He takes on an earthly body. The answer was instantaneous, I was told that those whose hearts are opened will recognise God. As I pondered on this, I was told that, when your heart is open you will always recognise God in whatever shape, or form He chooses (there is no gender). God can take any name, or form.  If your heart is open then you will recognise Him.

Meeting God in India

I remembered an incident many years ago, when Swami (my Guru, God and Guide), told me in my meditation, that I should go round South India and that He was coming with me. Ranjana and I took the train, and when we entered the border of Kerala state (where my parents grew up), the train stopped at the first station in Kerala, called Palghat. I heard a blind lady singing a song in my native language (Malayalam). Although, I wasn’t fluent in Malayalam, I understood what was being sung. My heart opened and tears flowed. I knew I was in the presence of God, but all I saw was this blind old lady. My wife found me crying and wondered what was happening to me. I remember feeling confused and looked for any signs that this blind old lady was Swami, to confirm my feelings. Two weeks later, when I was back in England, I had a dream where Swami showed me that he was that blind old lady.

Houseboat Kerala (Image by alleppeyhouseboatclub from Pixabay)

God is all-pervasive. It is based on this that the Veda declares, Sarvatah Pani Padam Tat Sarvathokshi Siromukham,Sarvatah Srutimalloke Sarvamavritya Thishtathi (with His hands, feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everything, God permeates the entire universe). You may hoodwink anyone, but not God. He is always watching you. He is the eternal witness. He is present in you, just as the power of vision resides in your eye. Not even a blade of grass can move without His Will.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai (Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 32)

Aren’t two sparrows sold for a small coin? But not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father knowing about it already.

Matthew 10:29 (Common English Bible)



I realise that everything is ordained by God and that there is no coincidence. Take the present situation with the corona virus (covid-19) happening now. It is here to transform people’s perception. The virus has brought out the fear in people and in the leaders in many countries. The decision makers are trying to control the virus, perhaps they believe by using a vaccine they will control the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, whatever their beliefs are, or whatever conclusion science has come to, it does not take away the fear, or the fact that this is a chance for us to grow and gain wisdom. I believe that people are given the opportunity to become aware that everything is happening for their own spiritual evolvement. I know that the leaders of this country mean well, taking into account the scientific knowledge available at present, to make their decisions. There will come a time, when they will realise that no amount of control on their part will change the inexorable will of Nature (God) and what’s ordained. God, will always prevail.

Unconditional Love

The majority of people are concerned with their self and there are very few who are concerned about the welfare of others. This corona virus is an agent of nature forcing people to transform. It is a transformative agent of Nature, to make people become more loving and giving to each other. Those who have been transformed will be of benefit and service to society, giving to others unconditionally. For some, it is a time of pain as they lose their loved ones. Sadness arises as a human condition, because of our attachment to our families and friends. It is a means of experiencing life and all the lessons life has to give. How do you gain you wisdom without experience?

However, no one dies, only their bodies cease to exist. We are not the body. The body is an apparel we require, to experience this plane of consciousness. It is temporary. The people who have passed on have moved to a different level of consciousness and may have completed whatever they have come to do, or learn. So, when we cry, who are we crying for? The answer is, we weep for ourselves, because the entity we knew does not exist physically anymore and we won’t be able to communicate with that individual on a physical level. However, they still exist for us, as we still have our memories of them. It is best to accept that they have left this plane of existence, but with the consolation and gratitude, for the memories they gave us. The experiences gives us the opportunity to learn our lessons and gain our wisdom. This will open our hearts.

What is Spirituality? (Part 1)

In modern times, some people consider spirituality as disciplines that may include prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, ceremonies and/or rituals.  Spirituality is much more than this. These disciplines help your spiritual life. Furthermore, a lot of people practice these disciplines without focussing on the ONE. They think that just by doing these disciplines, it will make them spiritual. Spirituality is a way of life. The most important message of spirituality is love, because that is who you truly are. You are Love and Truth. The disciplines foster love in your life, so that you may practice love with more intensity, as part of your life.

Some people consider themselves atheist. They believe that they can be spiritual without GOD. These unfortunate people do not realise that they are part of the ONE and so they are GOD. People are confused by the plethora of ideas from different gurus or spiritual teachers, advocating their own beliefs about spirituality. Their followers, or disciples are led astray from true spirituality. There are others who have made spirituality into a business, focussed on profit. Clearly, in this age of the Kaliyuga (dark age) there are elements who spread confusion to others because they themselves are confused. There are the celebrities and other neo-gurus who tout their beliefs, fashions, food, health and beauty products to their followers. They influence a lot of people in the worldly ways, taking them further away from God.

Remember You are God

Spirituality means training the mind to remember that you are God. When you pray, meditate, or serve others, your focus should be on God. As I have said in other blogs, all that exists is energy. The whole Universe came into being from the love of the ONE, that is God. Spirituality means practising the presence of God in everything you do. Our consciousness has sunk to the level of the desires and attachments in the mind. We cannot perceive the greater reality, we have become blind to it. The blind now leads the blind, advocating body consciousness in its myriad forms. Everything that we see with our physical eyes is in the mind. In a way you can say it is a delusion, as it is relative to our consciousness. Even those who are connected strongly to God, could have this connection broken temporarily because the delusion of the world can prove stronger. You can see this in the bible.

Jesus crucified
Statue of Jesus crucified at the second church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, Portugal

In Mark 15:34
At the ninth hour, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

Even Jesus experienced this disconnection when he was on the cross, because he was affected by those who mocked him, his disciples deserted him and he felt that even God deserted him. The mind is extremely powerful.

What stands between Self and non-self (Atma and Anatma ), worldly and spiritual, good and bad, and merit and sin is the human mind. It is like a wall in the mansion of life, which causes division in unity. One can experience unity when one removes this obstacle of the mind. The One willed to become many (Ekoham bahusyam ). Only one manifested into many. People see diversity in unity due to the mental delusion caused by their ego and attachment.

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 26 (1993)

Seeing God in Everyone

We have to constantly think of God, in all the things we do. Spirituality is about seeing God in everyone. When you see God in everyone, you will not be unkind or cruel to anyone in thoughts, words, or deeds. If you truly belief and have faith that you are God, you will not be interested in the worldly ways or have any attachment to it. You will be undisturbed and have complete peace.

Where there is FAITH, there is LOVE; Where there is LOVE; there is PEACE; Where there is PEACE; there is GOD; Where there is GOD; there is BLISS.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

TRUST and FAITH (Part 2)


An Eagle

What does TRUST mean? It means to have confidence, or faith in someone or something. To have trust in God, you need to experience God, otherwise it will not be true for you. How do we experience God? When you were a child you trusted your parents, you asked them for what you wanted. You knew that they loved you, and will give you what you need in your best interest. Now, if you have a belief in God, you can communicate to God through prayer. If your prayer materialises what you had prayed for, would it not give you confidence? You might literally experience God, depending on the grace you have. This will build your trust and faith in God.


There are those who have been traumatised by life experiences and have lost their faith in God. There are others who belief in Science and their scientific methods, that is, there is no evidence for God.  God is not something that can be measured or weighed. It is an experience in consciousness. The mind is powerful and if you believe that God does not exist, it will become your reality. If this is your reality then, how can you experience God? The mind will block it. We can accept those who don’t believe, for where they are at. We are not there to evangelise, and no amount of talking is going to convince them. They have made their mind up. Isn’t tolerance a spiritual virtue?


Once you have your experience you must let go of your doubts, or it will weaken your trust and faith. God is Love. As you follow this path you will experience God as Love at different levels of consciousness. It is indescribable, words cannot begin to express this experience. Yet there are those who have no experience, but are quick to put forward their idea of what Love, or Truth is. This is their limited idea of Love and Truth from their minds perspective, which is their experience. In Sanskrit, ‘Brahman’ is the absolute Truth, the ONE. From ‘Brahman’ comes Love, which manifests as all of creation. We are part of this creation; therefore, we are embodiments of Love. This is the truth of who we are.


Ravana (A Rakshasa)

In this Kaliyuga (Age of darkness), most people behave like ‘Rakshasas’ (demonic beings). They lie, cheat and hurt others, which have become innate tendencies, although their true reality is Love. They have forgotten this truth which lies deep within them. Even when they are reminded of the Truth, it only lasts for a short time, because in this age we are constantly buffeted by, negative global emotions, negative television programs, violent movies, negative people around us and our negative tendencies. We must constantly battle against them.

Goddess Sita

The experience here on Earth develops your wisdom so that you may start seeing, that you are an embodiment of Love. As you know, constant exercise builds up your muscles, so this experience strengthens your ‘spiritual muscles’. It is Love that knows, Love that sees and Love that tolerates. You are Love.

TRUST and FAITH (Part 1)

Every one of us are on a journey to Source, back to where we came from. The experiences on Earth gives you the wisdom and understanding to create a peaceful and happy journey in this life. To have a peaceful and happy life you need trust and faith in God. God is LOVE and TRUTH. It takes hundreds of lives before you reach your destination. People want peace and happiness, but they don’t believe in God. They think that the mind is all they need to depend on.

This is due to the people’s trust largely in Science at present, which has taken the reins of driving people’s minds and their beliefs. Science perceives God as a delusion, because from their point of view there is no evidence to proof the existence of God. People have lost their confidence in religion and other spiritual organisations because their leaders are corrupted by sex, money and power. To go through the travails that exist in our daily life we need the guidance from God. The guidance only exists if you have faith, trust and the belief in God.

The Truth

In this climate of scientific dominance, it has become more difficult to have a peaceful life. There appears to be a cornucopia of machines for our convenience, but this is a delusion. Instead of bringing peace of mind, it has brought addictions, dependence, loss of our power in various ways. Life has become competitive for jobs and education and the incessant desire to accumulate wealth and possessions. Stress has become prevalent, with increased depressions and other mental illness among the population.

The truth is that our so-called conveniences and scientific beliefs have distanced us from our true reality of who we are. Our true nature is LOVE and TRUTH. Instead of connecting within, people are looking outside themselves and getting caught in a spiraling loop of delusion, thinking that the truth is in the external world. They forget to ask for the guidance (of God) within themselves to navigate the trials of modern life. Without this guidance there is no peace or happiness. Only the delusion that wealth and their desires will make them happy.

Here we go again….

Delete, rewrite, change, renew, this has been the story of our blog for the last few years, and here we are again, ready to have another go at sharing what matters to us, But first something from the past, written 6 years ago…

Liberating Partnerships – Drawing on Grace

18th June 2013

Several years ago (in 1995), Eddie and I were brought together by our Beloved Guru, Sri Satya Sai Baba. Little did we know that we would one day be co-creating LiberatingTouch® , writing books, facilitating seminars, and connecting with so many extraordinary people.

Getting here was not easy and for the first 9 years we were not sure if we could sustain a relationship let alone be partners. What kept us going was the knowledge that we were put together by God (the Perfection of Love and Truth). We had to learn the art of communication, sacrifice, patience, trust and understanding. Through our tussles and adventures together we developed greater insight into the personalities we had adopted, the desires and fears that lead us away from each other and the attachments that muddied our vision. The next 9 years were easier, still challenging at times, but we had more clarity, willingness and humility to let go and stay open. As I write this, I wonder what the next 9 years have in store for us. It’s very exciting.

Eddie and I have noticed that when we come together, we form a conduit to access Grace. The Grace we experience manifests as wisdom, abundance, understanding and the means for Self-Realisation (for example LiberatingTouch®). We draw and share that Grace. Everyone we connect with in turn can use this for themselves and others. They too then create liberating partnerships and draw on Grace.


we work with people that are intent on creating Liberating Partnerships. When working with couples Eddie and I focus on helping them find ways to listen, and dialogue. We show them how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu and LiberatingTouch®, which can act as a healing balm. Our first goal when working with a couple is to find something that is relaxing for both partners and something that they both enjoy doing, before we dive into their stressful stories. We explain that the way we work is for partners to discover what makes them happy and what saddens them and find ways to heal in order that they can continue to grow. After the sessions they either grow closer or they grow in different directions, the focus is on self-knowledge, awareness, freedom, friendship and self-fulfillment.

One of the most difficult challenges in any relationship is that of accepting each other’s limitations. When we accept these limitations somehow, we open the door to limitless honesty, love and possibility. This is the paradox of all relationship.

Here are 4 vital requirements for creating a Liberating Partnership:

  1. Letting go of Expectation (Developing Understanding)
  2. Sharing Responsibility
  3. Communicating Honesty, Integrity and Trust
  4. Self Confidence

Yes, you are going to be, feel and think differently (and sometimes at odds) from your partner, that is a given, what draws the miraculous and mysterious magic into a relationship is the inner yearning for UNITY, oneness with Love and Truth. At the heart of our partnership is the undying Love that longs to know and merge in Truth. The song the river sings on its way to the ocean.

Love, love and more love, Ranjana