The LiberatingTouch® Foundations Day

Saturday 10th August 2019, Bexhill on Sea, UK, 10am to 5.30pm

Most of our UK workshops have a maximum of 6 to 10 people. All participants get individual attention and support. This promises to be a wonderful day for beginners, self-help enthusiasts and practitioners. The workshop is designed to enable you to learn to use these techniques for yourself and others. Areas worked with include negative emotions, physical pain and relationship challenges. You will see demonstrations, as well as having the opportunity to experience EFT and LiberatingTouch® first hand. The focus will be on self-help and discovering and maintaining peace and harmony in daily living. It is always special.

£90 for the day includes course materials, refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. We offer a discount to review students and for those requiring concessions (i.e. only £45 for the day).

EFT International Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Training

6 – 9 September 2019 (4 Days) Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK

The Emotional Health Centre creators, Ranjana and Eddie have a unique take on EFT Practitioner Training. They believe that developing expertise requires time, dedication, mentoring, study, experience, and support. They combine the EFTi Accredited Training with group and individual mentoring, LiberatingTouch® seminars, email and phone support to provide students with a depth of understanding, experiential knowledge but most importantly Self-confidence. They believe it is vital to share with practitioners the skills and resources that help them  encounter and embrace whatever life throws at them. This degree of openness takes dedication, willingness and compassion.

At the Emotional Health Centre you are encouraged to find your authenticity, your gifts and talents, your true power (reality) and an undiluted (uncontaminated) sense of Self. Having this will give you all that you need to be a skilled EFT Practitioner. These trainings are customised to bring out the best in you. To find out more or to register for this Training please contact us by emailing us at

Our EFT International Level 3 EFT Training includes:

  • Investigating EFT in-depth
  • Developing Intuition and Client Rapport
  • Asking Good Questions and Listening
  • Using Visualisation
  • Understanding Trauma / Abuse / PTSD and Methods of Healing Trauma
  • Exploring Other Approaches in Energy Psychology
  • Exploring Shadow-work
  • Healing Addictions
  • Working with Critical Labels
  • Working with Phobias
  • Building your Practice
  • Surrogate Tapping
  • Experiencing Source & the Journey of Self-Realisation

£440 for four days (concessions £360) – includes course materials refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. Review students can join at a discount cost of £165.

The LiberatingTouch® ‘Heart of Understanding’ 8 Day Class

19 – 27th September 2019, The LiberatingTouch® 8 Day Residential Heart of Understanding Class, Avecasta, Portugal 

The Next UK Class TBA

​The ‘Heart of Understanding 8 Day Class’ is a self-development class that has been specifically designed for Truth seekers, humanitarians, holistic health practitioners, spiritual explorers, change agents and innovative conscientious leaders. Together we will explore and experiment, witness demonstrations, and learn practical ways to heal the mind. Our focus is to liberate the mind from fear and attachment and experience the Power of Truth and Love. This class is intended to be an experiential adventure of awareness and discovery, for regaining your power and Self-confidence and for opening the doors to Self-Realisation. LiberatingTouch® is a system that combines meditative inquiry and healing touch to help you remember the eternal goodness and beauty of the Self.

  • Explore all areas of your life with Love and Truth
  • Discover how to let go of the past, belief systems and suffering
  • Know infinite power and potential
  • Dive into Presence

In this class you discover that LiberatingTouch® is not only a healing art, it provides students with insights into Vedantic philosophy (ancient wisdom), the laws of creation and the mysteries of the Self. Students learn how to access intuition and go with the guidance, they discover anything is possible when they are in alignment with Love and Truth.

The minimum pre-requisite for joining this class is attendance of the LiberatingTouch®  Foundations Day or 2 LiberatingTouch®Intensives and the completion of one detachment process. When you enrol for the LiberatingTouch® 8 day – Heart of Understanding Class you also get 1-year email support. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Depending the venue and organiser, the cost for the class is generally about £900 for new students, and £450 for review students.

During these 8 days we will explore

  • The Origins of LiberatingTouch® and its On-going Dynamic Development
  • The Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology, Art and Practice of LiberatingTouch®
  • Exposing the Lie, Awakening Awareness & BEing in your Power
  • Steps to Reclaim Personal Power
  • The LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process
  • The 4 main Tenets of LiberatingTouch® and their Practical Applications
  • Letting go of Limiting Beliefs & Adopting Life Enhancing Beliefs
  • Reframing and Opening to Shifts in Cognition
  • Working with Memory & Trauma
  • The Importance of Embracing the Hurt Inner Child and Healing Memory
  • Working with Stored Negative Experiences & Generational Pain
  • The Journey Home
  • Exploring the Mind – Story, Identification and Transcendence
  • The Journey from Suffering to Source – From Fear to Love
  • Understanding the Shadows
  • Embracing and Learning from the Paradox
  • Interweaving Storytelling & Imagery
  • Parables, Stories, Legends, and Folklore employed in LiberatingTouch®
  • Creating Visualisations and Inner Journeys
  • Enlightening the Mind
  • Understanding Desire
  • Using LiberatingTouch®
  • The Alchemy of LiberatingTouch®
  • The 4 main stages of Healing, Awakening and Self-Realisation with LiberatingTouch®

Email Ranjana and Eddie at for more info and to register

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Weekend

14th and 15th of December 2019 – A Weekend of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help

Bexhill on Sea, UK, 10am to 5.30pm

Experiencing Self Help Books 1, 2 & 3

These weekends are specially designed for those of you that want to spend a weekend resting, relaxing and recharging while exploring Jin Shin Jyutsu. Two days dedicated for melting tension, unloading stress and restoring harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio Philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. It is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress.

We will focus on studying the Trinity Flows, harmonising the Safety Energy Locks and we will be experiencing Basic Daily Tension/Stress Releases for MYSELF. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a combination of PHYSIO – PHISIOLOGY, PHYSIO – PYSCHOLOGY and PHYSIO – PHILOSOPHY that focuses on Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

£170 for the weekend includes course materials, refreshments and a light vegetarian lunch. We offer a discount to review students and for those requiring concessions (i.e. only £135 for the weekend).