The Heart of Understanding 8 DAY LiberatingTouch Online Class – 18th to 25th June 2021

Everyday – 9am to 1pm UK time

Cost – £440

Dive Deep into Presence and Understanding

This once in a lifetime Online 8 Day Class will be held on Zoom. It is presented by Eddie and Ranjana Appoo

The ‘Heart of Understanding 8 Day Class’ is a self-development class that has been specifically designed for Truth seekers, humanitarians, holistic health practitioners, Spiritual explorers, change agents and innovative conscientious leaders.Together we will explore and experiment, witness demonstrations, and learn practical ways to heal the mind. Our focus is to liberate the mind from fear and attachment and experience the Power of Truth and Love.

This class is intended to be an experiential adventure of awareness and discovery, for regaining your power, SELF-confidence and for opening the doors to SELF-Realisation. LiberatingTouch® is a system that combines meditative inquiry and healing touch to help you remember the eternal goodness and beauty of the SELF. In this class you discover that LiberatingTouch® is so much more than a healing art, it provides students with insight into the philosophy of Truth (Eternal Wisdom), an understanding of the laws of creation (Love), revelations about the SELF, and encouragement to go with the guidance (intuition).

The minimum pre-requisite for joining this class is attendance of the LiberatingTouch Foundations Day or 2 LiberatingTouch Intensives and the completion of one detachment process.

Kindly email Ranjana Appoo at liberatingtouchcentre@gmail.com for further details.

Booking is essential as places are limited.

As this is the first time we are running the class in this format – the cost for the class is £440 for all students (new and review).

Ps. The class will be recorded so you can review the content at your leisure.

Pps. All students get ongoing support for years to come.

During these 8 days we will explore

  • The Origins of LiberatingTouch®and its On-going Dynamic Development
  • The Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology, Art and Practice of LiberatingTouch®
  • Cosmic (Source) Power–The Power of God – Kundalini – The Liberating Power
  • Exposing the Lie, Awakening Awareness & BEing in your Power
  • Steps to Reclaim Personal Power
  • The LiberatingTouch® Detachment Process
  • The 4 main Tenets of LiberatingTouch® and their Practical Applications
  • Truth
  • Learning from Nature
  • Responsibility to SELF and others
  • Meditative Inquiry & Unconditional Listening
  • Peace
  • Explore Energy Balancing Locations
  • Love
  • How to Formulate a LiberatingTouch® Process
  • Letting go of Limiting Beliefs & Adopting Life Enhancing Beliefs
  • Reframing and Opening to Shifts in Cognition
  • Working with Memory & Trauma
  • The Importance of Embracing the Hurt Inner Child and Healing Memory
  • Working with Stored Negative Experiences & Generational Pain
  • The Journey Home
  • Exploring the Mind – Story, Identification and Transcendence
  • The Journey from Suffering to Source – From Fear to Love
  • Understanding the Shadows
  • Embracing and Learning from the Paradox
  • What We Resist Persists…
  • Interweaving Storytelling & Imagery
  • Parables, Stories, Legends, and Folklore employed in LiberatingTouch®
  • Creating Visualisations and Inner Journeys
  • Enlightening the Mind
  • Understanding Desire
  • Using LiberatingTouch®
  • Working with Health Projects, Addictions, Chronic and Critical Labels
  • Working with Mental and Emotional Stress, Chronic Anxiety or Depression
  • The Alchemy of LiberatingTouch®
  • The 4 main stages of Healing, Awakening and Self-Realisation with LiberatingTouch®


In light of the pandemic, Eddie and I are not booking any in person (face to face) sessions or workshops till further notice. All our Sessions and Workshops are now Online via Zoom.
We are completely booked till June 2021. If you would like to book some time with us please email us at liberatingtouchcentre@gmail.com Thank you.

Here are a few Resources:

The What WE CAN Blog Resource:

Eddie and Ranjana Appoo created this page in response to a common question that they often get, “What can I do for…?”

The plan is to build a resource of empowered suggestions and possibilities that:

  • Provide you with practical solutions
  • Signpost you to useful information
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • Support Humanity
  • Align with goodness
  • Share a bit of news about what we are up to, what our friends are up to and how together we are bringing about positive change

If you have a question that you would like Eddie and Rnajana to answer, then do get in touch with them on their Together We CAN Facebook Page or you can join their Facebook

group https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovetruthandliberatingtouch/ and they will do their best to answer them here. A friendly caution, they are quite comfortable being open and honest and saying, “We don’t know”.


Q&A on Facebook Live

From May to July 2020, Eddie and Ranjana hosted a weekly Facebook Live, answering questions and sharing some of their journey. If you would like to see some of these short videos here is a link to the videos.

We invite you to join our Facebook group “Love Truth and LiberatingTouch”


Meditation and Chanting for Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony

In March till the end of May, for 9 weeks, Eddie and I led a group meditation and chanting session for an hour to bring love, peace, awareness, healing and harmony into every area of our lives. If you would like to watch one of these, here is the link.

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