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X does not mark the spot
Emergence Trinity
Emergence 1
Emergence 2
Emergence 3
Kate 1
Kate 2
Kate 3
Kate 4
Seed detail 1
Seed detail 2
Doors and Windows
Infinity detail
Transformation 108
Transformation 108 detail
Grateful life
7 years
7 years detail

Ranjana is a contemplative artist and draws her inspiration from Nature. She specialises in creating artworks for specific spaces and people. If you would like to commission a painting please contact her via email with information about yourself and what matters to you.

Many many many years ago Ranjana studied Fine Arts at Central St Martin’s and received a MA in Fine Arts from The Slade, UCL. She has travelled extensively, and continues to explore the infinite expressions of Love and Truth in her paintings and prose.

Here is a link to Ranjana’s Instagram page