Musings on LIFE (part two)

There is only one. Many years ago, my Teacher Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave me an experience of Self-Realisation. I realised I am Atma (Self/Soul) and part of Paramatma. There is no ‘seven billion atmas’, there is only one. It is a paradox. It is the mind that creates the seven billion. The analogy of the hologram explains the paradox. The bit in a hologram contains the whole. You can take away any number of bits from the whole, it remains always whole. The reason we think the way we do is because in the physical world, physical matter becomes less if something is taken away from it. A drop taken away from the ocean becomes a drop less. This is not true in consciousness.

We are One

We are all one, my Teacher says,
“…See in Me yourself, for I see Myself in you all. You are My life, My breath My soul. You are My forms, all. When I love you I love Myself; when you love yourselves, you love Me. I have separated Myself from Myself so that I may love Myself. My beloved ones, you are MY own self.” Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Wisdom of the Upanishads

The Upanishads which are part of the Vedas (are primary texts of ancient Hinduism) where a divine mantra states in Sanskrit:

“Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate Puurnnashya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.”

It means, THAT is full/complete, and THIS is full/complete. From THAT comes THIS and if THIS is removed from THAT.  THAT remains full/complete or, ever full”. The meaning of this mantra explains the holographic nature of reality. THAT (Brahman/TRUTH) is the one consciousness and THIS (LOVE) is creation. Creation (LOVE) comes from (Brahman/TRUTH). The absolute Truth is within oneself. The world outside is a relative truth. However, most people look outside themselves and identify it as real. Therefore, they seek their happiness from the objects in the world. When their desires are not fulfilled, they become unhappy. True happiness is their connection to God (Love & Truth) within them. As long as they look outside for happiness, it won’t be fulfilled.

The Search for Happiness

Soaring Eagle Seeking

You can observe this behaviour in people looking for happiness in the world, thinking that the external objects in the world will fulfill their desires and give them happiness. Unfortunately, instead of happiness people suffer because their desires are unfulfilled. People follow the wrong role models, who are themselves confused and create negative behaviour. This confused behaviour is adopted by people who consider themselves followers. An example would be Michael Jackson singing the song called ‘Bad’. He was traumatised, confused, and angry with the world. The lyrics go on to say, “I’m bad”, exhorting his followers, mostly young impressionable youths to think that, “I am bad” is a good thing. This idea compromises personal values, sowing seeds of confusion and dissension.

However, he is not the only one. There are other so-called celebrities in industries like clothing and retail. Where once people took pride in the clothes they wore, now they go about in torn jeans to look fashionable. How ridiculous can you get? Some have gone to extremes, where their pant legs are supported by a few threads, looking disintegrated. They look like paupers who can’t afford new clothes but, they pay an exorbitant price for these torn clothes. Followers of fashion, also wear clothes that cover strategic parts of their anatomies, like a peep show. They have become body conscious, parading their bodies to seek attention.

It is like the story of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. Where the king was looking for clothes which no one had, to be special. A couple of scammers persuaded the king that the clothes they supplied were so fine, that it was almost invisible. They persuaded the king to wear these invisible clothes in public. The king paraded in public to show his beautiful clothes to his subjects. The king was made aware that he was actually naked, by a young child who shouted out the truth. The child was not inhibited or conditioned like the adults, who were afraid to voice their opinions.

Until people stop identifying with the objective world, they will keep suffering. When they realise that they are not the body, or their title, or occupation and become AWARE, that they are ‘Love and Truth’, their suffering will stop.

Musings on LIFE (part one)

When you ask yourself the question, WHO AM I?

When you ask yourself the question, WHO AM I? Do you identify yourself with the Body, your Job, your Race, or your Religion? If you do, you support divisiveness. If you see differences, then you create divisions, which are the harbingers of war. Most people would find the answer, “YOU ARE GOD” very difficult. Most people whether they are Christians, Muslims, or Jews, all over the world would find this concept difficult to accept and they would even consider it blasphemous. Even though Jesus announced that he was “one with the Father” from his own experience. It did not seem to apparent to most Christians, that if it was true for him, it is also true for them. Perhaps, it did occur to them, but no one dared to claim that they are God. History has shown that the so-called leaders want to keep their power and authority. They get very cross with those who defy them, as Jesus can prove when he was put on the cross, literally. You can only know this Truth from your own experience. The Truth is, you are God, as Jesus attested. This is also known as Self-Realisation. So, when people say that they are Self-Realised, do they understand that they are saying that they are GOD?

The Tree is ONE, it has many branches and leaves, they are not separate from the ONE Tree

Unity and Peace

Even in these more enlightened days, if you defy those in authority, you can still be crucified financially and socially, and suffer. Whether it is religion, or science, you will be going against their belief systems, or should I say, rattling their cages. Their belief systems are the cages they built. They have invested a lot of energy keeping their belief systems intact. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all recognise Abraham as their first prophet. All of these religions come from the same source. They all agree that God is nameless and formless and give it different names Yahweh, Allah and Almighty God. Even then, they quarrel amongst themselves, stating that theirs is the True God. How can this be, if it is the same Source? It is the leaders who interpret it differently and foist it onto their followers, which creates differences. There is a growing trend for fundamentalism, creating dissensions and divisions within their own religion. The problem is, so long as we see differences among us, there cannot be peace. We have to look for similarities and create unity, for peace to reign in the world.

Nature Matters

I got up this morning with the bird songs, the rays of the sun on my face and felt a joy within me. I remember my spiritual teacher (Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai) saying that Nature is the physical manifestation of God. He also said that Nature is your teacher. The joy you experience within you is the connection to God that is Nature. God is Love and Truth.

Nature’s Love

The Sanskrit word Prakriti means Nature, which is the whole expanding Universe. My first experience of communing with Nature happened nearly thirty years ago. It was at lunch break during a spiritual course I was attending at Tekel’s park in Camberley,Surrey. I leaned against one of the redwood trees and meditated and was surprised to feel myself being hugged by a masculine energy with love. It felt good and my perception of Nature changed, and I saw it from a different perspective. Previously, Nature was part of the background for me and now it was something, I could commune with and feel the love of God. The indwelling divinity within that Tree and all of Nature.

Redwood Tree in Newforest National Park

The Word ‘God’

The word ‘God’ has such bad press now, that people are even ashamed of using it. Scientists believe that a rigorous scientific method will ensure the reliability of their hypothesis from accumulated data and experiments. Science perceives religion and faith as a threat to the scientific method, which they feel should be resisted. So, the word God is being seen more and more as mere superstition or foolishness.

There are differences of opinions among the scientific community. A scientific genius, Albert Einstein, stated in 1954, “I cannot prove to you that there is no personal God, but if I were to speak of him, I would be a liar.… My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking but by immutable laws” (Hermanns, William (1983) P 132). However, on the other hand you have Richard Dawkins, who wrote the bestseller, ‘The God Delusion’ in which he contends, “that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that belief in a personal god qualifies as a delusion”. Here you can see how a great genius like Albert Einstein had an open mind and saw God in the ‘harmony of the cosmos’, while the egotistical Richard Dawkins emphatically states that ‘God is a delusion’.

When the time is right and you have an open mind, you don’t have to be a scientific genius to know the TRUTH that God exists. That will be shown to you when you are ready.

Here we go again….

Delete, rewrite, change, renew, this has been the story of our blog for the last few years, and here we are again, ready to have another go at sharing what matters to us, But first something from the past, written 6 years ago…

Liberating Partnerships – Drawing on Grace

18th June 2013

Several years ago (in 1995), Eddie and I were brought together by our Beloved Guru, Sri Satya Sai Baba. Little did we know that we would one day be co-creating LiberatingTouch® , writing books, facilitating seminars, and connecting with so many extraordinary people.

Getting here was not easy and for the first 9 years we were not sure if we could sustain a relationship let alone be partners. What kept us going was the knowledge that we were put together by God (the Perfection of Love and Truth). We had to learn the art of communication, sacrifice, patience, trust and understanding. Through our tussles and adventures together we developed greater insight into the personalities we had adopted, the desires and fears that lead us away from each other and the attachments that muddied our vision. The next 9 years were easier, still challenging at times, but we had more clarity, willingness and humility to let go and stay open. As I write this, I wonder what the next 9 years have in store for us. It’s very exciting.

Eddie and I have noticed that when we come together, we form a conduit to access Grace. The Grace we experience manifests as wisdom, abundance, understanding and the means for Self-Realisation (for example LiberatingTouch®). We draw and share that Grace. Everyone we connect with in turn can use this for themselves and others. They too then create liberating partnerships and draw on Grace.


we work with people that are intent on creating Liberating Partnerships. When working with couples Eddie and I focus on helping them find ways to listen, and dialogue. We show them how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu and LiberatingTouch®, which can act as a healing balm. Our first goal when working with a couple is to find something that is relaxing for both partners and something that they both enjoy doing, before we dive into their stressful stories. We explain that the way we work is for partners to discover what makes them happy and what saddens them and find ways to heal in order that they can continue to grow. After the sessions they either grow closer or they grow in different directions, the focus is on self-knowledge, awareness, freedom, friendship and self-fulfillment.

One of the most difficult challenges in any relationship is that of accepting each other’s limitations. When we accept these limitations somehow, we open the door to limitless honesty, love and possibility. This is the paradox of all relationship.

Here are 4 vital requirements for creating a Liberating Partnership:

  1. Letting go of Expectation (Developing Understanding)
  2. Sharing Responsibility
  3. Communicating Honesty, Integrity and Trust
  4. Self Confidence

Yes, you are going to be, feel and think differently (and sometimes at odds) from your partner, that is a given, what draws the miraculous and mysterious magic into a relationship is the inner yearning for UNITY, oneness with Love and Truth. At the heart of our partnership is the undying Love that longs to know and merge in Truth. The song the river sings on its way to the ocean.

Love, love and more love, Ranjana